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Excellence in Sidelifter Design Innovation

STEELBRO are world leaders in the production of sidelifters with an international reputation for superior design innovation and manufacturing excellence. The STEELBRO head office and research and development centre is in Christchurch, New Zealand. STEELBRO’s primary manufacturing operations include Howard Porter facilities in Guandong, China and Perth, Australia and Steelbro Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Steelbro also use a global network of service providers. Final assembly often takes place in markets across the globe to ensure maximum efficiencies, and best valued product for the end customer.

The world’s best valued sidelifter

The great advantage of the Steelbro Sidelifter is the convenience, speed and versatility to manoeuvre, allowing a large number of transfers...

– Flowbox, Argentina

We are pleased with the performance of the Steelbro sidelifter. It has brought productivity gains, operational flexibility and increased revenues.

– ENTEC Longhi & Cia

Superior design, superior manufacturing, superior quality.
Steelbro are world leaders...They have the best valued sidelifter when benchmarked with others.
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Innovative container handling equipment for the transport industry.