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World Leaders – Superior Design and Manufacturing Excellence

STEELBRO are world leaders in the production of sidelifters with an international reputation for superior design innovation and manufacturing excellence.  The STEELBRO head office and research and development centre is in Christchurch, New Zealand. STEELBRO’s primary manufacturing operations include Howard Porter facilities in Guandong, China and Perth, Australia and Steelbro Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Steelbro also use a global network of service providers.  Final assembly often takes place in markets across the globe to ensure maximum efficiencies, and best valued product for the end customer.


Stringent Quality Standards

A dedicated team at STEELBRO are committed to the stringent maintenance of quality standards across the manufacturing centres and follow a strict programme of continuous improvement.


Superior quality materials and components

STEELBRO is committed to using the very best quality materials and components in their equipment.  They perform detailed assessments on each supplier, ensuring that consistently high standards are met.  STEELBRO chooses high strength steels with superior fatigue toughness from a selection of world class steel producers.  The material is hardened rapidly by cooling the red hot metal, followed by lower heating and slow cooling to eliminate brittleness.  The result is a super-tough steel – the strongest and lightest material and the best possible choice for STEELBRO’s cranes and chassis.

Parker Hannafin (N.Z.) Limited





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STEELBRO has a long history of success.  Founded in 1878 in Christchurch, New Zealand, the company has become a dominant force in the global commercial transport industry exporting to over 100 countries.
         133 Year Success Story
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Innovation is Key

A positive research and development drive has been the key to helping STEELBRO stay ahead of the game.  Reduced tare weights, increased speed of operation and low manufacturing costs are important.  Other requirements include safety, reliability of componentry and modularity of sub-assembly design.  STEELBRO focus on developing improvements in material selection and manufacturing technologies.

New SB450 (45 tonne lifting capacity)

Superior Safety

STEELBRO offer the best safety control system in the world.

Best Cost of Life

Designed for best service intervals, low maintenance, low running costs and high resale value, STEELBRO sidelifters offer an overall low cost of ownership and therefore best price per container moved for the consumer.

Warranty and After Sales Support

STEELBRO make a concentrated effort towards supporting the needs of their customers globally and now offer a 36 month warranty on crane structure.

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