STEELBRO manufacture a range of Sidelifters (also known as sideloaders) that will meet the logistics requirements of any modern military organisation. STEELBRO Sidelifter technology provides a dynamic and flexible delivery solution for military planners and operational commanders, and can operate in the most extreme situations and environments.

The ability to uplift and transport a container, and then deposit it wherever needed have enabled military planners to capitalise on the advantages of containerisation and containers have been converted to an ever-expanding range of uses. These include portable buildings such as command centres, medical wards, contamination-decom wards, cookhouses, cool-tainers (refrigerated), barracks, offices and supply stores.

The sidelifter offers the ability to move equipment, munitions, supplies, command centres and other container-based requirements to forward areas where the sidelifter can operate in a wide variety of guises.

A sidelifter can load or unload containers direct from rail wagons, transfer truck to rail and vice versa, and as well as hauling its own container, the sidelifter can load and unload whole convoys of containers without the need to relocate independent heavy lifting equipment such as reachstackers or forklifts.  The STEELBRO sidelifter also has overwhelming benefits over the hook type lift unit as outlined below. 

STEELBRO sidelifters are at work in over 100 countries world-wide.

STEELBRO sidelifters are an intrinsic part of many NATO forces including the US Air Force, the US Army and the UK Army. Nearly two decades of use with European and American military forces has resulted in STEELBRO sidelifters achieving an exceptional reputation for durability and ease of operation.



The STEELBRO sidelifter will double stack, improving the usage of yard/land space when storing containers or flat-racks.   Ideal for storing Food Aid.


The sidelifter’s ISO Flatrack capability offers multiple transport arrangements from heavy tank equipment to smaller breakdown vehicles as well as for vehicle breakdown recovery.


Precision managed horizontal load placement of any containerised load helps to avoid expensive damage to containerised electronic equipment, accommodation blocks, or medical equipment. Proportional Control means continual smooth and accurate movement with no shock loads to the containerised goods. 

The Army use sidelifters to deliver and set up a mobile hospital in remote, isolated locations near operations.   The ability to drop a container in the middle of a desert or on top of a mountain pass has opened up new and exciting possibilities for the military.



The STEELBRO Sidelifter offers intermodal versatility – It is able to transfer containers onto other companion vehicles (e.g. other trailers) and/or rail wagons even inland between rail terminals.

Travelling  in convoy with second trailer with 2 x 20’ or 1 x 40’ container – coupling to another trailer, the STEELBRO Sidelifter can also be coupled to another trailer where required, thereby maximising payload per trip.




The STEELBRO Sidelifter has its own Powerpack not dedicated to one truck.  The sidelifter can be hooked up to another truck if the primary truck breaks-down.  This means no downtime for mission critical lifting quipment. The smaller power-pack engine, instead of using  truck engine to drive the hydraulics, means less maintenance and lower running costs.


The STEELBRO sidelifter is also available as a Truckmounted unit.  Cranes are fitted on an 8 x 8 truck to operate in difficult off road conditions.  Here shown in cold weather conditions.


STEELBRO units will operate in the harshest of extreme conditions from the cold weather climates of the Arctic to the high temperatures of a desert environment.


The STEELBRO sidelifter will handle various sizes and weight of containers – handling loads up to 45 tonnes. The STEELBRO sidelifter will handle1x20’, 2×20’, 1×30’, 1×40’ ISO Containers or irregular tricon containers.

STEELBRO will provide extensive training as required.  Training is provided to the Australian Army here.


Nato Codification Number
(NSN) 66-157-4515