Container Side Loader

Sidelifter Trailer Productivity Gains

Designed for faster, safer and more flexible container handling, STEELBRO Sidelifter Trailers offer productivity gains. Reduce your transport costs, increase your profits and gain a competitive advantage.

STEELBRO Sidelifter trailers increase your capacity to move more containers quickly and safely. The innovative container side loaders help improve efficiencies, saving time and increasing productivity.

Sidelifter loading applications


Maximise container movements per day

Containers can be safely transferred to the ground in just minutes, increasing efficiencies and productivity.

   Sidelifter Trailers - Container Side Loader

Minimal equipment and operators required

The trailer driver can unload the container in minutes on his own, moving 20ft and 40ft containers using the same piece of equipment. There is no need for additional equipment or personnel, so saving on additional costs.

Container Side Loader - Unloading

Proven Dependability

The STEELBRO sidelifter is tough, reliable and requires limited maintenance. It also handles container movements on any terrain including low cost dry terminal.

Sidelifter Trailers – Tough & Reliable

Safely handles hazardous, fragile and valuable cargo

Differentiated cargo can be loaded and unloaded without disruption to the client’s business. The side loader action allows containers to be safely placed exactly where the client requires it, for ease of access to load and unload as required.

Container Side Loader – Flexible Loading

Containers can be transported anywhere, anytime by road

This ‘self contained’ side loader trailer is able to operate without the support of other equipment at load and unload points, enabling containers to be transported easily by road.

Sidelifter Trailers – Easy Container Transport

Double Stack Containers

Sidelifter trailers handle containers in areas where space is limited. The container side loader quickly and safely stacks 20ft and 40ft fully loaded, hazardous and fragile containers on top of each other.

Side Loader Trailer – Double Stack Containers

The container (and not the trailer) is left with the customer

Without a Sidelifter, a trailer is often left with the customer – an unproductive use of equipment.  The Sidelifter can be productive all day, loading, transporting and unloading containers then moving onto the next job. There is just one piece of equipment to manage and maintain, reducing your operating costs.

Sidelifter Trailers – Productive All Day

Containers can be transferred by ‘trailer to trailer’


Sidelifter Trailer to Trailer Container Loading

or ‘trailer to train’ for intermodal versatility

Sidelifter Trailer to Train Container Loading

Back up support can be provided during accident rescue

Sidelifter Trailers – Accident Rescue Support

Specialised cargo handling

Sidelifter trailers can transport more than just containers. They can handle up to 45 tonnes of cargo, industrial equipment, special vehicles and specialised containers e.g fuel, portable buildings etc.

Sidelifter Trailers – Specialised Cargo Handling

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Innovative container side loader trailers for efficient and productive cargo handling.