Container Lifters – Options


SB362 Bridge Leg

Not all Bridge Leg sidelifters are born equal

The Bridge Leg is an optional stabiliser for the already successful SB362 sidelifter model.   Choose the sidelifter leg configuration to suit your operation.

SB362 with two bridge legs or SB362 with bridge leg and tilt/extend leg combination.

 Bridge Leg

STEELBRO competitive advantages

Maximise yard space  – two hi-cube containers are easily double stacked with both bridge leg configurations.

Move more containers quickly and efficiently.   The STEELBRO Bridge Leg safely deploys quicker than other units on the market resulting in faster turnaround times.

Transfers of single 20’ containers from a companion trailer carrying two closely spaced containers are possible using the STEELBRO bridge/tilt and extend combination.

Operates safely in tight situations where space is limited. The Bridge Leg can be safely deployed in a kneeling configuration onto a companion deck using sensors positioned to ensure stability and allow a safe lift.

Proven Dependability – The STEELBRO sidelifter has a robust construction and reliable design.

See feature in Trailer Magazine February 2012  

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The SMARTlift container lifter from STEELBRO is an advanced control system that warns the operator when a container is moved to the limits of the Sidelifter’s ‘safe working envelope’. It then prevents the operator from moving the load further into an area where stability might be compromised.

SMARTlift can also help reduce wear and tear through better container lifter operating practices. By working within the design parameters of the machine, the investment in hardware can be protected, resulting in a longer, more profitable life for the Sidelifter container lifter unit.

A SMARTlift Engine Monitoring function helps prevent down time and keep Sidelifters on the road making money. SMARTlift Engine Monitoring continuously monitors engine oil pressure, water temperature and the alternator.

An audible alarm will sound if there is low oil pressure, high water temperature or the alternator is not charging. In the case of oil pressure and water temperature alarms, the engine will shut down automatically after 20 seconds to prevent permanent damage to the container lifter. This ensures the engine is never run dry or overheated due to negligence.

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