Case Studies – Mining 

Geodrill, Ghana          

“We are extremely pleased with the Steelbro sidelifter which is performing very well for us.   Geodrill is a drilling Company based in Ghana.  We use the sidelifter to move a variety of containers including diesel tank containers.  These containers often need to be delivered to very isolated locations.  The sidelifter gives us the flexibility  to both transport,  load and unload the container without the need for other expensive cranes.  The unit works independently giving us flexibility and saving us money.”    


Drillex, Ivory Coast

“The Steelbro sidelifter has been the ideal solution for Drillex in the Ivory Coast  It has allowed us to collect and deliver containers when and where we want without the need to use an external company.  As we only needed one truck and one driver, we have they found this to be the ideal economic solution.”


STTR, New Caledonia

“We have found the Steelbro sidelifter to be invaluable when delivering containers to mine operations in remote areas.  Sending just one piece of equipment is much more economical for the client and more convenient for us from a logistics perspective.”


SIERRA  RUTILE, Sierra Leone

“The Sidelifter has been an invaluable piece of equipment for our operations as it is the ideal solution for the hauling of our Industrial grade rutile containers from the main plant site to the shipping port. This unit has facilitated the movement of containers without the need for a mobile crane as it can load and unload. Thus saving us a lot of money in hiring cranes.”