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Cost-effective and quality container trailers and sidelifters from STEELBRO

Since 1979, when STEELBRO first committed its resources to developing the concept of container trailers, transportation and placement, STEELBRO Sidelifters have become synonymous with efficient container handling.

The STEELBRO Sidelifter is an award winning container management solution singled out for its excellence in design, production and outstanding intermodal capacity. STEELBRO is widely recognised as having set the benchmark for design and technical innovation in the emerging field of intermodal transport and container trailers.

At STEELBRO we have an uncompromising approach to quality production, investment in development and the flexibility to adapt quickly to changes in the global market. See our quality range of container trailers, sidelifters and transportation equipment.

Right from the company’s outset in 1878, STEELBRO’s objective has been to produce innovative and high quality engineering solutions for the transport industry – this is still the same today. Our goal is to maintain this philosophy and retain all the hallmarks that have led to over 140 years of success. See our Transport Solutions History.

Our Christchurch research and design centre rivals the best anywhere in the world. The Engineering and Design departments are staffed by world-class designers and engineers equipped with the latest technology.

STEELBRO works with key distributors around the world to make sure our Sales and Support service is second to none. Our Global Service and Support Network is renowned throughout the industry.

To deliver quality container trailer and transportation products and ensure ongoing support and customer satisfaction, global supplier partnerships have been developed with internationally recognised manufacturers. This ensures worldwide availability and support.

We constantly review the trends in global transport systems. The STEELBRO Sidelifter you see today is the result of a long process of consultation and development between our design team, customers, suppliers and specialist consultants. See latest products.

Sidelifter technology is revolutionising the way transport companies manage their workloads. The Sidelifter’s ability to shift containers between a number of transport systems for example ‘truck to train’, ‘truck to truck’ or ‘truck to ground’, means operators can save time and thereby increase the efficiency of their businesses. To most organisations, this means considerable cost savings and an increase in bottom-line profits. See Sidelifter Applications and How to improve Productivity with a STEELBRO sidelifter.

Howard Porter

In January 2015 Howard Porter Pty Ltd  purchased the Steelbro global sidelifter manufacturing and distribution operations.

HOWARD PORTER was established in Fremantle Western Australia in 1936 as one of Australia’s pioneering coachbuilders. Today Howard Porter produces semi trailers and truck bodies designed and manufactured in the newly upgraded Spearwood facility . Howard Porter supply road transport equipment to various market segments and are recognised throughout Australia for their comprehensive range of quality and reliable equipment.


Affordable, quality container trailers, sidelifters and transportation equipment.